Biomimetic Actives

Hallstar biomimetic actives

With a vast knowledge of extraction science and an unparalleled understanding of how botanically-derived compounds affect the skin’s physiology, Oléos, now part of Hallstar, has created a line of biomimetic active solutions—Oléoactif®, Antiox GT and Oléobooster®—that are highly concentrated, highly stable, safe and bioavailable.

Designed to complement the skin’s natural ability to renew, these biomimetic actives combine botanicals and vegetable oils to deliver unique properties for cosmetic applications including anti-aging, dark spot diminishment and skin whitening.

Produced and tested in our South of France technical center, biomimetic actives are made possible through a patented process—Oléo-éco-extraction. Through this technology, ingredients of high purity and yield are produced without the use of organic solvents and other pollutants—in a way that is ecologically sustainable.

Biomimetic Actives Solutions: