Oléo-éco-extraction is a breakthrough green technology that uses a vegetable oil to transfer the biological footprint of a plant directly in an oily complex. The extraction process has four key steps:

Controlled drying
The fresh plant is first dried to reduce its water content without degradation of its desired properties.

Cryo-grinding produces an ultra-fine and homogeneous powder. A diffusion of the selected oil inside the powder is then accomplished through blending.

Eco extraction
Using a patented high-performance extractor that combines electromagnetic waves and low frequency ultrasound cavitation, the bioactive compounds are literally pumped from the plant cells into the oil. In a short time, the phytomolecules are released from the plant, extracted by the oil, and organized in stable colloidal microsystems.

The extracted product is purified using microfiltration. The result is a stable, non-oxidized and highly concentrated biomimetic active that is easy to formulate in all cosmetic products.

Biomimetic Actives Solutions:

Oléo-éco-extraction Technology Video