Functional Naturals

Hallstar functional naturals combine natural origin with high-performance functionality — properties that consumers continue to demand in cosmetic formulations. The benefits of these natural-based products are also supported through rigorous clinical and panel tests, ensuring claims substantiation.

Biomimetic emulsifiers generate liquid crystal structures that mimic the stratum corneum organization, providing deep moisturization with excellent spreadability. Functional bases form fluid (even sprayable) lotions or enhance the texture and viscosity of formulations, improving emulsion stability, sensorial profile and dermatological compatibility.

Dermollients have fatty acid content that chemically mimics that of the hydrolipidic film of skin, imparting skin compatibility. They deliver an elegant silicone-like to silky touch while improving skin’s hydration, elasticity and barrier function.

Natural butters significantly reduce transepidermal water loss, increase skin elasticity, and increase skin moisturization, with some contributing to outstanding aesthetics (lesser greasy/oily and sticky sensations) and better spreadability – often deciding factors in overall product preference.

Water-soluble multifunctional active ingredients deliver antiaging, anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, skin elasticizing, antimicrobial, anti-acne and skin lightening effects to cosmetic formulations, and are free radical quenchers at low use level. Ecocert validated products are available.

Mild surfactants act as primary cleansers in facial wipes or secondary surfactants in foaming skin cleaners for greater skin compatibility.

Water-soluble emollients have sebum recovering (refatting) activities, so distinctive skin smoothness and long-term moisturizing effects result upon rinsing of cleansers enriched accordingly.

Functional Natural Solutions: