Natural Olive Chemistry

Among the various chemistries used to create personal care ingredients, natural olive chemistry is a particularly effective option for achieving biocompatibility. The fatty acid distribution of olive oil is most similar to that of healthy skin sebum. Ingredients based on olive chemistry deliver superior biocompatibility to formulations, translating into enhanced clinical benefits and sensoriality.

Natural functional emulsifiers form fluid (even sprayable) lotions or enhance the texture and viscosity of formulations, improving emulsion stability and sensorial profile. Emulsion stabilizers include highly lipophilic active emollients that improve the physical and oxidative stability of o/w emulsions while imparting excellent spreadability, a very light touch and a gentle skin feel.

Dermollients deliver an elegant silicone-like to silky touch while improving skin’s hydration, elasticity and barrier function.

Natural Olive Chemistry Solutions:


Eurol BT is a multifunctional active. It provides formulation with strong anti-oxidant effect, improvement in skin elasticity and hydration, anti-redness and antibacterial activity. Eurol WHT combines the anti-oxidant properties of olive tree leaves and the strong skin whitening properties of bearberry extract.
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The Oliwax line combines Natural Olive Chemistry with Hallstar’s expertise in personal care ingredients and applications. This combination provides options to structure, stabilize and in some cases imparts additional sensory attributes through promotion of Liquid Crystals structures.
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Sensolene is a line of dermollients combining unique sensoriality with strong clinical benefits for the skin. The Sensolene concept is based on building blocks that specific alcohol generates different sensorial profiles based on chain length and branching.
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The Olivem line of ingredients is designed by combining the biocompatibility properties of Natural Olive Chemistry and our technical expertise to deliver superior benefits to formulations.
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