Photostability Sciences

Hallstar pioneered stability science, and our products lead the industry in ensuring that beauty and personal care products can stand up to the sun. Our stabilizers provide safe, efficient and persistent stabilization for a wide variety of personal care ingredients, from UV filters to skin care active ingredients.

Our high polarity sunscreen solvents not only ensure solid organic UV filter solubility, but also enhance the stability of photolabile UV filters, improving sunscreen performance.

Unlike UV filters that strongly absorb solar radiation, our effectively non-absorbing singlet state quenching stabilizers provide a stabilizing effect by returning UV filters to their ground states. This quenching mechanism eliminates organic UV filter instability so your formulations retain the full protective benefit of photolabile UV filters such as Avobenzone. In addition, the generation of harmful reactive oxygen species by mineral UV filters is inhibited by these singlet state quenching stabilizers, providing additional support to anti-aging claims.

Another benefit of our singlet state quenching stabilizers is their ability to stabilize a variety of skin care active ingredients including retinol (pro-Vitamin A), resveratrol, ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) and cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), allowing the anti-aging ingredients of night creams to be incorporated into day creams. These benefits make Hallstar’s singlet state quenching stabilizers powerful and unique tools for product development.

Solutions for Photostability: