The wide variety of hair care products can be divided into two main categories: reactive (relaxers, permanent waves, bleaches and permanent colorants) and non-reactive (shampoos, conditioners and styling aids). Our non-ester self-emulsifiers constitute a stable base for relaxers, cream lotion developers and depilatories. Other self-emulsifiers and emulsifiers, some Ecocert validated, prove to be suitable bases for various forms of conditioners and styling aids. USDA-NOP, Ecocert, natural, botanically-derived and specialty synthetic emollients enable a wide range of aesthetics, market positionings and performance characteristics.

Hallstar’s ingredients and formulation solutions meet a range of product requirements, including botanically-derived foaming agents, emulsifiers, solubilizers, conditioners, shine and structuring agents.

Hallstar is focused on bringing innovative, functional, and natural ingredient and formulation solutions to the hair care market.