Oléoboosters® are a line of micro-structured oily extracts stabilized by the patented Oléo-éco-extraction green process and designed to add protection, preservation or intensification qualities to a wide variety of cosmetic applications.

Hair Oléobooster®

Without protection from the heat of hair dryers or straighteners and from the sun’s UV rays, hair can become dehydrated, devitalized, brittle and dull. Thanks to its antioxidants vectorized by coconut oil, Hair Oléobooster® helps to preserve hair from sun and heat damage. A fusion of Tamarind, Shikakai and the coconut oil, Hair Oleobooster® offers proven hair protection while maintaining color and radiance.

Life Oléobooster®

Over time, with fatigue, skin ages and loses its radiance. Life Oléobooster® gives an energy boost to the skin by protecting cell mitochondria and increasing the density of the protein collagen. Using plants sourced locally in the south of France — Stevia and Cistus — in combination with a rapeseed oil carrier, Life Oléobooster® leaves skin looking revitalized by reducing cutaneous signs of fatigue, dull complexion, and dark circles.

Tan Oléobooster®

Tan Oléobooster® helps accelerate the tanning process without prolonged exposure to the sun. By introducing the amino acid tyrosine at the cutaneous level, Tan Oléobooster® stimulates melanin production and allows the skin to tan without being exposed to UV. The booster is composed of Tamanu and sesame virgin oils, which offer a high concentration of protective biomolecules and a significant capacity to absorb in UV.

Youth Oléobooster®

Skin aging is mainly due to the effects of free radicals from various sources (UV rays, pollution, stress) that can damage DNA, collagen, elastin and induce cellular degeneration. They are responsible for the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity and density. Youth Oléobooster® harnesses the antioxidant power of Galanga and Ginger, extracted and vectorized by refined rapeseed oil, to protect the skin against elements responsible for cellular aging.