The Oliwax line combines Natural Olive Chemistry with Hallstar’s expertise in personal care ingredients and applications. This combination provides options to structure, stabilize and in some cases imparts additional sensory attributes through promotion of Liquid Crystals structures. Oliwax gives additional body to your formulations and protects the oil phase from oxidation. Oliwax LC stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions and promotes the formation of Liquid Crystal systems.


Oliwax® is a white to ivory flaked material, melting range 60 – 70°C, derived from ultra-refined pure olive oil. when incorporated in emulsions for skin care, it offers outstanding moisturizing properties and a unique texture, even when used at low dosage levels (1 – 3%). Oliwax® added to hair care products contributes to both silkiness and overall manageability of the hair.


Oliwax® LC is a vegetal-derived liquid crystal promoter that is a waxy solid in flake form at 20°C, with melting range 50 – 60°C. It is designed to structure o/w systems and to improve the sun protection efficiency of formulations. It can be easily used either in emulsions (in water or oil phase) to which it provides a unique after-feel due to the high water content of the liquid crystalline structure. Oliwax® LC is validated by Ecocert. The typical use level is application dependent and is from 1 to 5%.