Sensolene is a line of dermollients combining unique sensoriality with strong clinical benefits for the skin. The Sensolene concept is based on building blocks that specific alcohol generates different sensorial profiles based on chain length and branching. Additionally, unique combinations of olive fatty acids, their level of unsaturation and respective ratio will impact melt point and sensoriality.

Sensolene Care DD gives a meltdown effect upon application and greatly increases the playtime of the formulation without greasy after feel, making it an ideal choice for richer formulations targeting dry or mature skin. It has also very effective for sensitive skin, greatly reducing itching, burning and stinging.


Sensolene® is a multifunctional, slightly yellow liquid lipid endowed with emollient properties that provide high levels of skin compatibility while providing elegant appearance and texture to formulations. It is physiologically compatible with the skin’s hydrolipidic film, mimicking one of its most important molecular components, Squalene. The typical use level is application dependent and from 1 to 10%.


Sensolene® Care DD is a highly functional ingredient with protective effect and excellent spreading properties. It is a soft yellow wax with low melting point, near to skin temperature, giving the product unique sensorial features. Sensolene® Care DD is Ecocert approved.