College Recruiting

For college students and recent graduates, Hallstar offers two programs that provide opportunities to gain experience and find your ideal fit within our company:

Rotation Program

Hallstar offers a formal Rotation Program designed for accelerated development of talent as a resource strategically aligned with the business needs of our organization. This program allows for accelerated career growth by exposing participants to various business groups (Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, and/or Operations) and advanced technical training. The rotation path of each participant is customized based on an individual’s skill sets and interests and current business needs.

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Internship Program

Hallstar will place you in a practical job assignment during your internship. You will gain knowledge of Hallstar and the specialty chemical industry through on-the-job training, mentor relationships and interactions with senior management. At the end of your internship you will be considered for a full-time position.

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Upcoming Campus Recruiting Events

Check back to see when our next career fair is scheduled.