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Biomimetic Actives

Using Nature to Nurture: The Power of Plant-Based Bioactives

Research innovations, with the help of advances in technologies, have led to the emergence of new biomimetic active ingredients that are helping drive growth in the global cosmeceuticals market.

“Specific bioactivity can be found in every plant, and in many cases, this bioactivity can yield desirable cosmeceutical properties.”

With the health and wellness trend gaining traction across the globe, a growing number of beauty and personal care vendors are going to market with cosmetic products that are integrated with therapeutic and medicinal solutions. As with many consumer products, there is a distinct demand for these cosmeceutical products to be natural — preferably organic — in addition to efficacious.

Extraction perfected

Specific bioactivity can be found in every plant, and in many cases, this bioactivity can yield desirable cosmeceutical properties. However, capturing and sublimating these natural properties can be difficult. Oily maceration can be used, but the traditional extraction process presents a number of drawbacks. The most consequential of these for the end product is a low level of active biomolecules in the extract.

The key to achieving these duel objectives often lies in the biomimetic ingredient extraction process.

Hallstar uses a unique approach to this challenge — a patented process called Oléo-Éco-Extraction. This technology uses a vegetable oil to transfer the biological footprint of a plant directly in an oil complex. Extraction is achieved dynamically (rather than through static diffusion, as with maceration) in a combined multi-step process that uses both electromagnetic waves and low frequency ultrasound cavitation.

In just a few minutes, the plant’s bioactive compounds are “pumped” from the plant cells into the oil. Phytomolecules are then released into the oil and organized in colloidal microsystems. Once purified, a stable, non-oxidized and highly concentrated biomimetic active is ready to formulate into a cosmeceutical product.

The process has collateral benefits as well — ingredients of high purity and yield are produced without the use of organic solvents and other pollutants in a way that is ecologically sustainable.

Compelling brand stories

Cosmeceutical brands have to find unique stories for their products that offer relatable insights and form emotional bonds with consumers —and biomimetic actives can help. They are scientifically shown to be safe as the skin molecules they are mimicking and efficient at low dosage. What’s more, these biomimetic actives do not cause side effects. Hallstar’s entire Oléoactif® biomimetic actives line, produced using the extraction process discussed here, is non cytotoxic, non phototoxic, non allergen and non irritative, for example.

“The payoff for these investments is likely to be massive.”

These attributes are key as manufacturers of cosmeceuticals increasingly highlight specific therapeutic ingredients and clinically proven facts in their product marketing. The twofold character of biomimetic actives— efficacious and natural — can offer strong supporting points, if not a main story, for skin care, hair care, anti-aging products and more.

The growing demand for natural and organic ingredients and rapid development of cosmeceuticals on a global scale present a unique opportunity for companies that can harness the power of biomimetic actives. With advanced extraction processes now available to synthesize new biomimetic compounds, the payoff for these investments is likely to be massive.

Learn more about Hallstar’s biomimetic actives, and contact Nathalie Lefebvre, nathalie.lefebvre@hallstar.com for samples and more information.


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