Our Approach

“We need a solution.” That’s what we hear most often at Hallstar, and it’s a challenge we embrace. Our sales, research and development, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, technical support and quality control teams work together closely to solve complex problems, craft new functionality and make new product development a reality. They are dedicated to delivering on our promise to “work wonders” for our customers.

Hallstar’s nimble size and team-oriented culture help facilitate this collaborative approach. We try to really get to know customers and understand their businesses. It’s common for us to invite customers to our facilities, to sit side-by-side with us as we work through a problem. Hallstar’s teams of experts communicate with each other easily and frequently to ensure that customer specifications are designed well—sometimes eliminating parameters that add cost, but not value.

Quality runs through this approach. The Hallstar quality control process involves testing samples against additional quality specifications that extend beyond the standard Certificate of Analyses. Dependable quality control from plant to dock is why customers know Hallstar as a name they can trust.