Employee Safety and Wellbeing

Support our employees’ success with a safe and healthy work environment where all members of the Hallstar community are treated equitably and are able to fully contribute.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Keeping them healthy, safe and well is our most important goal. We seek to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses through hazard minimization or mitigation at all of our sites. Hallstar employees are trained in health and safety practices and encouraged to participate in safety meetings, safety walks, and process safety evaluations. Each of our sites has an onsite safety coordinator who is tasked with maintaining compliance, hosting safety training, meetings and safety walks, and tracking any onsite concerns.

Ethical Business Practices

Conduct business with integrity, placing the highest value on ethical business conduct that complies with the law and is honest and fair.

Hallstar’s ethics commitment is reflected in our interactions with our customers, suppliers, community, and with each other. We see no conflict between attention to profit and attention to ethics. We will prosper most in an environment that is fair, open, and governed by integrity. Our Ethical Business Practices Policy, which you can see in full HERE, applies to all Hallstar directors, officers, and employees.

Stakeholder Engagement

Ensure a positive experience for those with interest in Hallstar through effective communications and programs that meet or exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.

Hallstar seeks to strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and continuously improve the company’s reputation with our communities and constituents.

Environmental Stewardship

Conduct business in a manner that consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to and compliance with the protection of the environment.

Hallstar evaluates the environmental impact of operations and seeks ways to reduce it. We integrate sustainability principles into our operations, striving to reduce waste and emissions and to conserve water and energy. In the last year, environmental metrics were established for all of our global sites so we could assess impact, with a particular focus on our energy and emissions footprint.


Sustainable Products

Ensure product safety and continuous improvement to products that prioritize environmental attributes, circularity, and sustainable design principles of new and existing products.

Hallstar focuses on delivering high quality products to meet our customer requirements, incorporating sustainability principles into our design and development processes. Working closely with our stakeholders allows us to tailor our products to fulfill their sustainability needs.