South of France Facility

Hallstar's south of France facility

The French word “terroir” refers to the distinctive soil and climate conditions that give character to wine. The fertile south of France especially is known for this quality, but you may be surprised to learn it is also a home to advanced technology. In the city of Montpellier, where Hallstar’s biomimetic actives technical center is found, one of five residents is a student or researcher. It’s not surprising that the New York Times has called it “France’s most forward-looking city.”

As modern as Montpellier is, it also seems fitting that the botanical garden was founded in 1593. That’s because the entire region in which it is located has long been known for its beautiful flora. Many species are unique to specific locations within this area.

Such natural beauty serves as the ingredients for—and the inspiration behind—Hallstar biomimetic actives.

Biomimetic Actives Solutions:

Oléo-éco-extraction Technology Video