What We Do

What we do

Hallstar helps companies stand out and thrive in evolving, highly competitive markets. We resolve functionality challenges and create custom solutions, and we pride ourselves on helping customers develop next-generation products quickly, dependably and on budget. Tell us what your end users’ needs are—we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Technology and R&D expertise

We offer a range of core technical competencies such as stability science, functional naturals, phthalate replacements and more. We also offer custom ester design, a process that continually expands our knowledge base and ability to solve challenging issues our customers face. We maintain a strong interface between technical support and sales to provide ongoing guidance.

Regulatory understanding

Our extensive experience with regulatory compliance reduces the complexity in product development. We monitor new regulations, participate in their development and advise customers on both domestic and international regulatory requirements.

Product development support

We have the flexibility and expertise to address business needs beyond formulations. We support our customers with quality control from plant to dock, total cost management, product interactions, product lifecycle and logistical issues such as sourcing, storage and transport.