Fortinbrás Unveils New Logo as Part of Hallstar

CHICAGO, Illinois –– Fortinbrás, a specialty chemical company based  in Jaguariúna, São Paulo, Brazil, officially launched a new logo today.  As part of a larger update of its brand identity, the new logo signifies Fortinbrás’ evolution following the company’s acquisition in 2015 by Hallstar, a leading global specialty chemical provider to the beauty and personal care and industrial markets.

New Fortinbras Logo

“The launch of Fortinbrás’ logo kicks-off a new era for the company,” said John Paro, Chairman, President, and CEO of Hallstar. “While the logo retains elements that reflect Fortinbrás’ heritage, adding ‘Now Part of Hallstar’ to it will communicate to the marketplace that we can now better serve our customers and drive innovation through synergy. It’s just one of many exciting developments to come as the companies further integrate in the coming year.”
In addition to the Hallstar endorsement, there are several other modifications to the logo: Its blue color now matches that of Hallstar, the stylized diamond “F” mark that appeared next to the brand name has been eliminated and the typeface used for “Fortinbrás” is now one of Hallstar’s sanctioned typefaces.
Taken together, these changes will align Fortinbrás’ brand more closely with that of its parent company. In 2016, Fortinbrás marketing materials will additionally be updated to include the new logo, Hallstar’s design scheme and tagline, LET’S WORK WONDERS™.

“The changes to the brand we’re making are more than just cosmetic, they offer a chance to further everyone’s understanding of who Fortinbrás is today and where it is heading,” said Paro.

About Hallstar: 
Hallstar is a leading global provider of specialty chemistry solutions. The company takes a collaborative approach to every engagement, delivering technical support, chemistry expertise and industry knowledge that helps its customers make the most of their products, from concepts to the first production batches. To learn more visit

About Fortinbrás: 
Fortinbrás manufactures a wide range of specialty chemical products, including esters, tensoatives, essences, extracts and special butters and oils. Its broad offering is complemented by its strong scientific, technical, marketing, formulation and regulatory support services.  To learn more visit

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